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2017-1Susanne Strohmaier, Nicolai Haase, Jørn Wetterslev, and Theis LangeA simple to implement algorithm for natural direct and indirect effects in survival studies with a repeatedly measured mediator
2017-3Wang Miao and Eric Tchetgen TchetgenInvited Commentary: Bias Attenuation and Identification of Causal Effects With Multiple Negative Controls
2017-4Wang Miao and Eric Tchetgen TchetgenIdenti cation and Inference With Nonignorable Missing Covariate Data
2017-5WANG MIAOIdentifying Causal Effects With Proxy Variables of an Unmeasured Confounder
2017-6Ding XB and Zhou XHNonparametric transformation regression with unknown variance function for highly skewed data.
2017-7Zheng C. and Zhou XHCausal mediation analysis on failure time outcome without sequential ignorability.
2017-8Wu Y, Li Y, Hou Y, Li K, and Zhou XHStudy duration for three-arm non-inferiority survival trials designed for accrual by cohorts. Statistical Methods in Medical Research
2017-9Jiang Chang, Wenle Tan, Zhiqiang Ling, Ruibin Xi, Mingming Shao, Mengjie Chen, Yingying Luo, Yanjie Zhao, Yun Liu, Xiancong Huang, Yuchao XIa, Jinglin Hu, Joel S Parker, David Marron, Qionghua Cui, Linna Peng, Jiahui Chu, Hongmin Li, Zhongli Du, Yaling Han, Wen Tan, Zhihua Liu, Qimin Zhan, Yun LiComprehensive analysis of esophageal squamous-cell carcinoma identifies alcohol drinking-related mutation signature and novel genomic alterations
2017-10Yuchao Xia, Yun Liu, Minghua Deng and Ruibin XiPysim-sv: a package for simulating structural variation data with GC-biases
2017-11Liu, Haiyang, Jack Ting-Ju Chiang, Ryan Fehr,Minya Xu and Siting WangHow do leaders react when treated unfairly? Leader narcissism and self-interested behavior in response to unfair treatment.
2017-12Dai, X., Müller, H. G., and Yao, F.Optimal Bayes classifiers for functional data and density ratios
2017-13Lin, Z., Müller, H. G., and Yao, F. Mixture inner product spaces and their application to functional data analysis
2017-14YUANPEI CAO, WEI LIN AND HONGZHE LITwo-sample tests of high-dimensional means for compositional data
2017-15Yanxia Ren, Renming Song and Zhenyao SunA 2-spine decomposition of the critical Galton-Watson tree and a probabilistic proof of Yaglom's theorem
2017-16A.E. Kyprianou , Sandra Palau and Yanxia RenAlmost sure growth of supercritical multi-type continuous state branching process
2017-17Yanxia Ren, Renming Song and Rui ZhangSupercritical superprocesses: proper normalization and non-degenerate strong limit
2017-18Zhen-Qing Chen, Yanxia Ren and Renming SongLlog L criterion for a class of multitype superdiffusions with non-local branching mechanisms
2017-19Zhen-Qing Chen, Yanxia Ren and Ting YangSkeleton decomposition and law of large numbers for supercritical superprocesses
2017-20Xiaojun Mao, Song Xi Chen and Raymond K. W. WongMatrix Completion with Covariate Information
2017-21Koudstaal, M. and Yao, F.From Multiple Gaussian Sequences to Functional Data and Beyond: A Stein Estimation Approach
2017-22Koudstaal, M. and Yao, F.Supplementary Material for “From Multiple Gaussian Sequences to Functional Data and Beyond: A Stein Estimation Approach”
2017-23Shuyi Zhang, Bin Guo, Anlan Dong, Jing He, Ziping Xu, Song Xi ChenCautionary Tales on Air Quality Improvement in Beijing
2017-24Chong Chen, Ruibin Xi and Nan LinCommunity Detection by L0-penalized Graph Laplacian
2017-25Wei Lan, Yingying Ma, Junlong Zhao, Hansheng Wang and Chih-Ling TsaiSequential Model Averaging for High Dimensional Linear Regression Models
2017-26Lujun Li, Hui Shao, Ruodu Wang and Jingping YangWorst-case Range Value-at-Risk with Partial Information
2017-27Huang, D., Chang, X., and Wang, H.Spatial Autoregression with Repeated Measurements for Social Networks​
2017-28Yacine Ait-Sahalia,Chenxu Li Closed-Form Implied Volatility Surfaces for Stochastic Volatility Models
2017-31Huiming Zhang, Bo Li and G. Jay KernsA characterization of signed discrete infinitely divisible distributions
2017-32Tianyuan Zhou and Jinzhu JiaBasis-expansion Random-Projection Ensemble for Regression
2017-34Yundong Tu, Qiwei Yao and Rongmao ZhangError-Correction Factor Models for High-dimensional Cointegrated Time Series
2017-35Yundong Tu and Ying WangAdaptive Estimation of Functional-coecient Cointegration Models with Nonstationary Volatility
2017-36Yundong TuOn spurious regressions with partial unit root processes
2016-1Jing He and Song Xi ChenTesting Super-Diagonal Structure in High Dimensional Covariance Matrices
2016-2Yundong TuEfficient Estimation of Nonparametric Simultaneous Equations Models
2016-3C. LiEstimating Jump-Diffusions Using Closed-form Likelihood Expansions
2016-4Shuo Li and Yundong TuOn Estimating the Nonparametric Multiplicative Error Models
2016-5C. Li, C. Y. Tang, and J. YanOn the Prevalence of Leverage Effect Puzzle: Evidence from Multifactor Stochastic Volatility Models with High Frequency Financial Data
2016-6Y. An, D. Chen, C. Li, Q. Lin, and Nian Si Efficient Computation of Likelihood Expansions for Diffusion Models
2016-7Shuo Li, Yundong Tu√n-consistent Density Estimation in Semiparametric Regression Models
2016-8Yundong Tu and Yanping YiForecasting Cointegrated Nonstationary Time Series with Time-varying Variance
2016-9Xiaojun Song, Abderrahim TaamoutiMeasuring Nonlinear Granger Causality in Mean
2016-10Ying Wang, Yundong Tu and Song Xi ChenAdaptive Quantity Theory of Money
2016-12Xuan Liang, Shuo Li, Shuyi Zhang, Hui Huang, and Song Xi ChenPM2.5 Data Reliability, Consistency and Air Quality Assessment
2016-13Yimin Huang, Mingyao Ai, Xiangshun KongOptimal designs for the Lasso in sparse linear models
2016-14Xuan Liang, Shuo Li, Shuyi Zhang, Hui Huang, and Song Xi Chen中国五城市空气污染状况之统计学分析
2016-15Xiangshun Kong, Mingyao AiFlexible sliced designs for computer experiments
2016-16Xiangshun Kong, Mingyao AiDesign for sequential follow-up experiments in computer emulations
2016-17Minya Xu, Ping-Shou Zhong & Wei WangDetecting Variance Change-Points for Blocked Time Series and Dependent Panel Data
2016-18Dong Ju, Xin Qin, Minya Xu, Marco S. DiRenzoBoundary conditions of the emotional exhaustion-unsafe behavior link: The dark side of group norms and personal control
2016-19Chenxu Li and Dachuan ChenEstimating jump–diffusions using closed-form likelihood expansions
2016-20Ruibin Xi, Semin Lee, Yuchao Xia, Tae-Min Kim, and Peter J. ParkCopy number analysis of whole-genome data using BIC-seq2 and its application to detection of cancer susceptibility variants
2016-21Xi Qu,Lung-fei Lee,Jihai YuQML Estimation of spatial dynamic panel data models
2016-22Yan-Xia Ren, Renming Song and Ting YangSpine decomposition and L log L criterion for superprocesses with non-local branching mechanisms
2016-23Yan-Xia Ren, Renming Song and Rui ZhangWilliams decomposition for superprocesses
2016-24Yaping Wang, Mingyao AiDe nitive Screening Designs with Extreme Numbers of Level Changes
2016-25Jun Yu, Mingyao Ai, Yaping WangOptimal designs for linear models with Fredholm-type errors
2015-4Jinyuan Chang, Song Xi Chen, Xiaohong ChenHigh Dimensional Generalized Empirical Likelihood for Moment Restrictions with Dependent Data
2015-5C. Li and X. Li A Closed-form Expansion Approach for Pricing Discretely Monitored Variance Swaps
2015-6C. Li and Z. Zheng Evaluating Security Price Sensitivities Using Closed-form Asymptotic Expansions
2015-7Yangbo He, Jinzhu Jia, Bin YuCounting and Exploring Sizes of Markov Equivalence Classes of Directed Acyclic Graphs
2015-8Zhang, X. and J Yu. Spatial Weights Matrix Selection and Model Averaging for Spatial Autoregressive Models.
2015-9Yang, Z, J. Yu and S.F. Liu.Bias Correction for Fixed Effects Spatial Panel Data Models.
2015-10Zhen-Qing Chen, Yan-Xia Ren and Ting YangBoundary Harnack principle and gradient estimates for fractional Laplacian perturbed by non-local operators
2015-11Zhen-Qing Chen, Yan-Xia Ren, Renming Song and Rui ZhangStrong law of large numbers for supercritical superprocesses under second moment condition
2015-12Zhen-Qing Chen, Yan-Xia Ren and Ting YangLaw of large numbers for branching symmetric Hunt processes with measure-valued branching rates
2015-13Tao Zou and Song Xi ChenEnhancing Estimation for Interest Rate Diffusion Models with Bond Prices
2015-14Yundong TuEfficient Estimation of Nonparametric Simultaneous Equations Models
2015-15Jing Zhou, Yundong Tu, Yuxin Chen, and Hansheng WangEstimating Spatial Autocorrelation with Sampled Network Data
2015-16Jae-Yong Nam, Nayoung K. D. Kim, Sang Cheol Kim, Je-Gun Joung, Ruibin Xi, Semin Lee, Peter J. Park, Woong-Yang ParkEvaluation of somatic copy number estimation tools for whole-exome sequencing data
2015-17Ruibin Xi, Nan LinDirect Regression Modelling of High-order Moments in Big Data
2015-18Wei Zheng, Mingyao Ai and Kang LiIdentification of universally optimal circular designs for the interference model
2015-20Bochuan Jiang, Mingyao AiConstruction of uniform U designs
2015-21Xuan Liang, Tao Zou, Bin Guo, Shuo Li,Haozhe Zhang, Shuyi Zhang, Hui Huang, Song Xi ChenAssessing Beijing's PM2:5 Pollution: Severity, Weather Impact, APEC and Winter Heating
2015-22Yaping Wang, Mingyao AiOptimal designs for multiple treatments with unequal variances
2015-23Lu, X., Zhao, J., Chen, Y., and Wang, H.A Choice Model with a Diverging Choice Set for POI Data Analysis
2015-24Ma, Y., Lan, W., and Wang, H.A high dimensional two sample test under a low dimensional structure
2015-25Lan, W., Luo, R., Tsai, C.L., Wang, H., Yang, Y.Testing the Diagonality of a Large Covariance Matrix in a Regression Setting
2015-26Pan, R., Wang, H., and Li, R. Ultrahigh Dimensional Multi-Class Linear Discriminant Analysis by Pairwise Sure Independence Screening
2015-27Yan, T., Qin, H., and Wang, H. Asymptotics in undirected random graph models parameterized by the strengths of vertices
2015-28Ma, Y., Lan, W., and Wang, H. Testing predictor significance with ultra high dimensional multivariate responses
2015-29Pan, R. and Wang, H.A Note on Testing Conditional Independence for Social Network Analysis
2015-30Huang, D., Yin, J., Shi, T., and Wang, H.A statistical model for social network labeling
2015-31Liangjun Su, Yundogn Tu and Aman Ullah Testing Additive Separability of Error Term in Nonparametric Structural Models
2015-32 Jiyi Liu and Jinzhu JiaVanilla Lasso for sparse classification under single index models
2014-1Guoyu Guan, Jianhua Guo, and Hansheng WangVarying Naive Bayes Models with Applications toClassi cation of Chinese Text Documents
2014-2Kang Li, Bochuan Jiang, Mingyao AiSliced space-filling designs with different levels of two-dimensional uniformity
2014-3Yumou Qiu and Song Xi ChenBand Width Selection for High Dimensional Covariance Matrix Estimation
2014-4Wang, C. Z., Zhou, Y., Zhao, Q. and Geng, Z.Discovering and orienting the edges connected to a arget variable in a DAG via a sequential local learning approach
2014-5Lujun Li, Yijun Wu, Jingping YangCopula function’s concentration set and its concentrated partition
2014-6Zhang, Y. J., Ouyang, Q. and Geng, Z.Refining network reconstruction based on functional reliability
2014-8Changzhang Wang, You Zhou, Qiang Zhao, Zhi GengDiscovering and Orienting the Edges Connected to a Target Variable in a DAG via a Sequential Local Learning Approach
2014-9Yan-Xia Ren, Renming Song and Rui ZhangLimit Theorems for Some Critical Superprocesses
2014-10Yan-Xia Ren, Renming Song and Rui ZhangCentral Limit Theorems for Supercritical Branching Nonsymmetric Markov Processes
2014-11Wei Lin, Rui Feng and Hongzhe LiRegularization methods for high-dimensional instrumental variables regression with an application to genetical genomics
2014-12Tae-Hwy Lee, Yundong TuForecasting Equity Premium: Global Historical Average versus Local Historical Average and Constraints
2014-13Hui Huang, Yehua Li and Yongtao GuanJoint Modeling and Clustering Paired Generalized Longitudinal Trajectories with Application to Cocaine Abuse Treatment Data
2014-14Junni L. ZhangComparative investigation of three Bayesian p values
2014-15Yi Han, Enying Zheng, Minya XuThe Influence from the Past: Organizational Imprinting and Firms’ Compliance with Social Insurance Policies in China
2014-16Song Xi Chen and Bin GuoTests for High Dimensional Generalized Linear Models
2014-17XIN QIN, MARCO S. DIRENZO, MINYA XU AND YILONG DUANWhen do emotionally exhausted employees speak up? Exploring the potential curvilinear relationship between emotional exhaustion and voice
2014-18Xin Qin, Peter Hom, Minya Xu and Dong Ju Applying the job demands–resources model to migrant workers: Exploring how and when geographical distance increases quit propensity
2014-19Chen Jia, Daquan Jiang, Minping QianAn allosteric model of the inositol trisphosphate receptor with nonequilibrium binding
2014-20Chen Jia, Min-Ping Qian, Da-Quan JiangOvershoot in biological systems modeled by Markov chains: a nonequilibrium dynamic phenomenon
2014-21N, Cai, C. Li, and C. ShiClosed-form Expansions of Discretely Monitored Asian Options in Diffusion Models, Mathematics of Operations Research
2014-22Lee, L.F. and J. YuIdentification of spatial panel Durbin models
2014-23Wang, W. and J. YuEstimation of Spatial Panel Data Models with Time Varying Spatial Weights Matrices
2014-24Jinyuan Chang, Bin Guo, Qiwei YaoHigh Dimensional Stochastic Regression with Latent Factors, Endogeneity and Nonlinearity
2014-25 Lee, L.F., and J. YuEfficient GMM Estimation of Spatial Dynamic Panel Data Models
2014-26Lee, L.F., and J. YuSpatial Panel Data Models. Oxford Handbook of Panel Data
2014-27王汉生 “大数据概念被神化”
2014-29Yanting Zheng, Jingping Yang , Jianhua Z. Huang Shuffle of min’s random variable approximations of bivariate copulas’realization
2014-30Lan, W., Luo, R., Tsai, C.L., Wang, H., Yang, Y.Testing the Diagonality of a Large Covariance Matrix in a Regression Setting
2014-31Lan, W., Wang, H., Chih-Ling Tsai.Testing Covariates in High Dimensional Regression
2014-32Ruodu Wang,Liang Peng and Jingping YangCreditRisk Model with Dependent Risk Factors
2014-33Yaping Wang, Mingyao Ai, Kang LiOptimality of Pairwise Blocked Definitive Screening Designs
2014-34Huang, M., Li, R., Wang, H., and Yao, W. Estimating Mixture of Gaussian Processes by Kernel Smoothing
2014-35Kang Li, Wei Zheng and Mingyao AiOptimal Designs for the Proportional Interference Model
2014-36Huang, D., Li, R., and Wang, H.Feature Screening for Ultrahigh Dimensional Categorical Data with Applications
2014-37Yan-Xia Ren, Renming Song† and Rui ZhangFunctional central limit theorems for supercritical superprocesses
2013-1Baiguo An, Jianhua Guo, Hansheng WangMultivariate Regression Shrinkage and Selection by Canonical Correlation Analysis
2013-2Qian Jiang, Hansheng Wang, Yingcun Xia and Guohua JiangOn A Principal Varying Coefficient Model
2013-3Baiguo An, Hansheng Wang and Jianhua GuoTesting the statistical significance of an ultra-high-dimensional naïve Bayes classfier
2013-4李季 ,周李超 ,王汉生多产品协同促销模式下的零售商促销时间决策模型
2013-5Song Xi Chen,Zheng XuOn Implied Volatility for Options – Some Reasons to Smile and More to Correct
2013-6Tae-Hwy Lee, Yundong TuNonparametric and Semiparametric Regressions Subject to Monotonicity Constraints: Estimation and Forecasting
2013-7Liangjun Su, Yundong Tu, Aman UllahTesting Additive Separability of Error Term in Nonparametric Structural Models
2013-8Chenxu LiMaximum-Likelihood Estimation For Diffusion Processes Via Closed-Form Density Expansions
2013-9Wei Lan, Hansheng WangTesting Covariates in High Dimensional Regression
2013-10Mingyao Ai, Bochuan Jiang, Kang LiConstruction of sliced space-¯lling designs based on balanced sliced orthogonal arrays
2013-11Zhao, J., Leng, C., Lexin, Li., and Wang, H. High Dimensional Influence Measure
2013-12Yan_Xia Ren, Renming Song, Rui ZhangCentral Limit Theorems for Super Ornstein_Uhlenbeck Processes
2013-13Jinyuan Chang, Bin Guo, Qinwei YaoHigh dimensional stochastic regression with latent factors, endogeneity and nonlinearity
2013-14Ding, P. and Geng, ZIdentifiability of subgroup causal effects in randomized experiments with nonignorable missing covariates
2013-15Wang X, Yan Z, Fulciniti M, Li Y, Gkotzamanidou M, Amin SB, Shah PK, Zhang Y, Munshi NC, Li CTranscription factor-pathway co-expression analysis reveals cooperation between SP1 and ESR1 on dysregulating cell cycle arrest in non-hyperdiploid multiple myeloma
2013-16Lung-fei Lee, Jihai YuEstimation of fixed effects panel regression models with separable and nonseparable space-time filters
2013-17陈大岳, 章复熹随机游动的常返和相遇问题
2013-18Yan_Xia Ren, Renming Song, Rui ZhangCentral Limit Theorems for Supercritical Branching Markov Processes
2013-19Samur MK, Yan Z, Wang X, Cao Q, Munshi NC, Li C, Shah PKcanEvolve: A web portal for integrative oncogenomics
2013-20Jinyuan Chang, Chengyong Tang, Yichao WuMarginal empirical likelihood and sure independence screening
2013-21Ning Cai, Chenxu Li, Chao ShiClosed-form expansions of discretely monitored asian options in diffusion models
2013-22Samur MK, Shah PK, Wang X, Minvielle S, Magrangeas F, Avet-Loiseau H, Munshi NC, Li CThe shaping and functional consequences of the dosage effect landscape in multiple myeloma
2013-23Yan-xia Ren, Ting Yang, Guo-huan ZhaoConditional limit theorems for critical continous-state branching processes
2013-24Deng, K., Geng, Z. and Liu, J. Association Pattern Discovery via Theme Dictionary Models
2013-25Xin Qin, Guozhong Zhu , Minya Xu, Yi Han, Yilong DuanThe impacts of migration distance on Chinese migrant workers’ income: The role of fellow villagers
2013-26Yijun Wu, Zhi Zheng, Shulin Zhou, Jingping YangDependence Structure between LIBOR Rates by Copula Method
2013-27A.E.Kyprianou, J_L Perez, Y.-X. RenThe backbone decomposition for spatially dependent supercritical superprocesses
2013-28Li Y, Wang X, Zheng H, Wang C, Minvielle S, Magrangeas F, Avet-Loiseau H, Shah PK, Zhang Y, Munshi NC, Li CClassify hyperdiploidy status of multiple myeloma patients using gene expression profiles
2013-29Wei Cui, Yanting Zheng, Jingping YangOptimal Reinsurance under Distortion Risk Measures
2013-30Yan-Xia Ren, Renming Song, Rui ZhangCentral Limit Theorems for Supercritical Superprocesses
2013-31Ping-shou Zhong, Song Xi Chen, Minya XuTests atternative to higher criticism for high dimensional means under sparsity and column-wise dependence
2013-32Song Xi Chen, Zheng XuOn Smoothing Estimation For Seasonal Times Series With Long Cycles
2013-33Chenxu LiClosed-form expansion, conditional expectation, and option valuation
2013-34Deng, W., Geng, Z. and Li, H. Learning local directed acyclic graphs based on multivatriate time series data
2013-35Yishu Wang, Lin Wang, Dejie Yang, Minghua DengImputing Missing Values for Genetic Interaction Data
2013-36Yuchao Xiay, Fugui Wangy, Minping Qian, Zhaohui Qin, and Minghua DengPoisson-PDNN: Modeling non-uniform read distribution in RNA-seq data
2013-37Luke Miratrix, Jinzhu Jia, Bin Yu, Brian Gawalt, Laurent El Ghaoui, Luke Barnesmoore, Sophie Clavier Concise Comparative Summaries (CCS) of Large Text Corpora with a Human Experiment
2013-38Ruibin Xi and Yiming HuEmpirical likelihood based Bayesian variable selection in quantile regression
2013-39Nicholas Eriksson, Yuan YaoMetric Learning for Phylogenetic Invariants: an Algebraic Approach to Topology Inference in Evolutionary Trees
2013-40Jian-Hua Chen, Yong Chen, Yuan-Yuan Ji, Da-Quan JiangOn the Fluctuation-Dissipation theorem for finite Markov chains with continuous time
2013-41Chen Jia, Min-Ping Qian, Da-Quan JiangMathematical theory of stochastic phenotype switching and bet-hedging in bacteria: stochastic nonlinear dynamics and critical state identification
2013-42Qianqian Xu, JiechaoXiong, Qingming Huang, Yuan YaoOnline HodgeRank on Random Graphs for Crowdsourceable QoE Evaluation
2013-43Qianqian Xu, JiechaoXiong, Qingming Huang, Yuan Yao Robust Evaluation for Quality of Experience in Crowdsourcing
2013-44Jiechao Xiong, Xiuyuan Cheng, Yuan YaoRobust Ranking on Graphs
2012-1Jun Li and Songxi ChenTwo Sample Tests for High Dimensional Covariance Matrices
2012-2Hanzhong Liu and Jinzhu JiaOn l2 Error Bounds of the Elastic Net when p>>n
2012-3Wei Cui, Jingping Yang and Lan WuOptimal reinsurance minimizing the distortion risk measure under general reinsurance premium principles Matrices
2012-4Naifang Su, Minping Qian and Minghua DengIntegrative approaches for microRNA target prediction: combining sequence information and the paired mRNA and miRNA expression profiles
2012-5Songxi Chen, Jing Qin and Chengyong TangMann-Whitney Test with Adjustments to Pre-treatment Variables for Missing Values and Observational Study
2012-6Qianqian Xu, Qingming Huang, Tingting Jiang, Bowei Yan, Weisi Lin and Yuan YaoHodgeRank on Random Graphs for Subjective Video Quality Assessment
2012-7Weinan E, Jianfeng Lu and Yuan YaoThe Landscape of Complex Networks
2012-8Xiaoye Jiang, Yuan Yao, Han Liu and Leonidas GuibasCompressive Network Analysis
2012-9Lee, L.F. and Jihai, YuSpatial Panels: Random Components vs. Fixed Effects
2012-10Zhichao Shan and Dayue ChenThe Voter Model in a Random Environment in Z^d
2012-11Ruodu Wang, Liang Peng and Jingping YangBounds for the Sum of Dependent Risks and Worst Value-at-Risk with Monotone Marginal Densities
2012-12Yumou Qiu and Songxi ChenTest for Bandedness of High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices and Bandwidth Estimation
2012-13Michael A. Kouritzin and Yanxia RenA Strong Law of Large Numbers for Super-stable Processes
2012-14Qianqian Xu, Qingming Huang and Yuan YaoOnline Crowdsourcing Subjective Image Quality Assessment
2012-15Bochuan Jiang and Mingyao AiComplementary Design Theory for Uniform Designs
2012-16Yanxia Ren and Ting YangMultitype Branching Brownian Motion and Traveling Waves
2012-17Yong Chen and Yong LiuOn the eigenfunctions of the complex Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operators
2012-18Yangbo He , Jinzhu Jia and Bin Yu Reversible MCMC on Markov equivalence classes of sparse directed acyclic graphs
2012-19Lee, L.F., and Jihai, YuQML Estimation of Spatial Dynamic Panel Data Models with Time Varying Spatial Weights Matrices
2012-20Jinzhu Jia and Karl RohePreconditioning to Comply with the Irrepresentable Condition
2012-21Qian Jiang , Hansheng Wang ,Yingcun Xia and Guohua Jiang On a Principal Varying Coefficient Model
2012-22Songxi Chen and Ingrid Van KeilegomEstimation in semiparametric models with missing data
2012-23Chenxu LiBessel Processes, Stochastic Volatility, and Timer Options
2012-24Jihai,Yu, R. de Jong and Lee,L.F. Estimation for Spatial Dynamic Panel Data with Fixed Effects: the Case of Spatial Cointegration
2012-25Mingyao Ai, Kang Li, Senmao Liu and Dennis K. J. LinBalanced Incomplete Latin Square Designs
2012-26Liang Peng, Yongcheng Qi, Ruodu Wang and Jingping YangJackknife Empirical Likelihood Method for Some Risk Measures and Related Quantities
2012-27Tao, J and Jihai, YuThe Spatial Time Lag Term in Panel Data Models
2012-28Junyang Qian and Jinzhu JiaOn Pattern Recovery of The Fused Lasso
2012-29Weijuan Chu, Wenbo V. Li and Yanxia RenSmall Value Probabilities for Supercritical Branching Processes with Immigration
2012-30János Engländer, Yanxia Ren and Renming SongWeak extinction versus global exponential growth of total mass for superdi usions corresponding to the operator Lu + βu − ku2
2012-31Ruibin Xi, Semin Lee and Peter ParkA survey of copy number variation detection tools based on high-throughput sequencing data
2012-32Chen, S. X.,Peng,L.andC.L.YuParameter Estimation and Model Testing for Markov Processes via Conditional Characteristic Functions
2011-1Minya Xu and Wei WangA Residual Based Multiple Testing Procedure for Variance Changepoints
2011-2Xinyu Dai, Jinzhu Jia, Laurent El Ghaoui and Bin YuSBA-term: Sparse Bilingual Association for Terms
2011-3Kai Zhao, Xue Cheng and Jingping YangSaddlepoint Approximation for Moments of Random Variables
2011-4Wei Yan, Yaqin Hu and Zhi GengIdentifiability of causal effects for binary variables with data missing due to death
2011-5Songxi Chen and Chengyong TangNonparametric Regression with Discrete Covariate and Missing Values
2011-6Jinzhu Jia, Karl Rohe and Bin YuThe Lasso under Poisson-like Heteroscedasticity
2011-7Peng Ding, Zhi Geng, Wei Yan and Xiaohua ZhouIdentifiability and Estimation of Causal Effects by Principal Stratification with Outcomes Truncated by Death
2011-8Ruodu Wang, Liang Peng and Jingping YangJackknife Empirical Likelihood for Parametric Copulas
2011-9Lin Hou, Lin Wang, Arthur Berg, Minping Qian, Yunping Zhu, Fangting Li and Minghua DengComparision of clustering methods for genetic networks
2011-10Jihai Yu and Lungfei LeeQML estimation of spatial dynamic panel data models with time varying spatial weights matrices
2011-11Lan, W., Hansheng Wang, and Chih-Ling TsaiA Bayesian Information Criterion for Portfolio Selection
2011-12Mingyao Ai, Yuanzhen He and Senmao LiuSome new classes of orthogonal Latin hypercube designs
2011-13Xinxing Chen and Dayue ChenSome sufficient conditions for infinite collisions of simple random walks on a wedge comb
2011-14Hansheng WangFactor profiling for ultra high dimensional variable selection
2011-15Liang Peng, Linyi Qian and Jingping YangWeighted Estimation of the Dependence Function for an Extreme-Value Distribution
2011-16Peter Z. G. Qian, Mingyao Ai, Youngdeok Hwang and Heng SuAsymmetric Nested Lattice Samples
2011-17Jihai Yu and Lungfei LeeEffcient GMM estimation of spatial dynamic panel data models with fixed effects
2011-18Quan Wang, Peichao Peng, Minping Qian , Lin Wan and Minghua DengCNVhac
2011-19Songxi Chen, Liang Peng and Cindy L. YuParameter Estimation and Model Testing for Markov Processes via Conditional Characteristic Functions
2011-20Zhang, Q. and Hansheng WangOn BIC's Selection Consistency for Discriminant Analysis
2011-21Jihai Yu and Lungfei LeeNear Unit Root in the Spatial Autoregressive Model
2011-22Liang, H., Hansheng Wang, and Chih-Ling TsaiProfiled Forward Regression for Ultrahigh Dimensional Variable Screening in Semiparametric Partially Linear Models
2011-23Jihai Yu and Lungfei LeeSpatial Panels: Random Components vs. Fixed Effects
2011-24Jinyuan Chang and Songxi ChenOn the Approximate Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Diffusion Processes
2011-25Jihai Yu, Robertde Jong and Lungfei LeeEstimation for spatial dynamic panel data with fixed effects: the case of spatial cointegration
2011-26Rongli Liu,Yanxia Ren and Renming SongStrong law of large number of a class of super-diffusions
2010-1Zhenguo Wu, Ping He, Chuan Ju and Zhi GengQualitative implication and equivalence relations between treatment effects on surrogates and endpoints
2010-2Pingshou Zhong and Songxi ChenTests for High Dimensional Regression Coeffcients with Factorial Designs
2010-3Songxi Chen and Chengyong TangProperties of Census Dual System Population Size Estimators
2010-4Yanting Zheng, Jingping Yang and Jianhua Z. HuangApproximation of bivariate copulas by patched bivariate Fréchet copulas